Monday, January 12, 2009

Stewart wins Supercross showdown with Reed in Phoenix

First victory for Stewart in Bell Moto-8; Wey 15th

Stewart was all business in Phoenix after an unfortunate tumble in Anaheim last week.

Bell Rider James Stewart won his first Supercross race of the season, outdueling rival Chad Reed for the victory at Chase Field in Phoenix on Saturday. When the gate dropped on the main event it was last week's surprise winner Josh Grant who took the holeshot with Stewart and Reed hot on his heels. But by the end of the first lap Stewart had made his way to the front bringing a raucous cheer from the crowd of nearly 50,000. Lap three was Reed's turn to amp the fans when he slipped by Grant to set up the duel everyone came to see.

Rumor has it that Stewart showed up on radar at Sky Harbor Air Traffic Control.

For the better part of 17 laps the pair rode a race of their own with Stewart out front. Though Stewart had some less-than-perfect trips through the whoops section, he was able to correct and keep things moving away from the speedy Reed. On the last two laps things got tight with Reed closing the gap to a couple bike lengths and challenging hard. A determined Stewart kept his focus, however, holding steady for his third consecutive win at Chase Field. Grant would hang on for third.

“I knew that Chad would make it tough on me tonight,” said Stewart. “That is the type of racing that we love to do, and I am pumped because I picked up the win.”

James Stewart lights the lamp on his first SX win of the '09 campaign.

With last week's DNF in the main event, Stewart now sits seventh in the season standings after two events with Grant, Reed and Andrew Short in the top three spots, respectively.

Fellow Bell Rider Nick Wey finished 15th on the evening and sits 13th in points.

Nick Wey with another solid performance abourd his 450 at Phoenix.

1. James Stewart – Bell Moto-8
2. Chad Reed
3. Josh Grant
15. Nick Wey – Bell Moto-8

After 2 of 17 events
1. Josh Grant, 45 points
2. Chad Reed, 42
3. Andrew Short, 38
7. James Stewart, 27 – Bell Moto-8
13. Nick Wey, 18 – Bell Moto-8

Photos © 2009 Frank Hoppen


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